Disable Citrix Gateway pop-up for Microsoft Edge


When connecting to a Citrix Gateway virtual server with a Microsoft Edge browser, a message pops up stating:

Full VPN and EPA are not supported in Edge browser. Please use different browser for a better experience.

If you do not provide Full VPN or EPA scans, you can discard this pop-up using the following rewrite.


  1. Log on to the Citrix ADC appliance using the SSH protocol.

  2. Enter the following commands:

    1 2 add rewrite action RWA_EDGE replace_all "HTTP.RES.BODY(2000000)" "\"\"" -search q/text("&&CTXS.ExtensionAPI.showMessage({localize:!0,messageText:\"Edge_browser_unsupported_message\",messageTitle:\"\",okButtonText:\"OK\",isalert:!1,okAction:function(){self._focusOnFirstInputField()}})")/ add rewrite policy RWP_EDGE "HTTP.REQ.URL.TO_LOWER.CONTAINS(\"nsg-setclient.js\")" RWA_EDGE
  3. Bind the rewrite policy to the Rewrite Response policy bank on the Gateway virtual server.